The Tarte Baker

The Naughty Tarte

     The Naughty Tarte bakes up a variety of homemade desserts from scratch using high quality ingredients. Cakes, cookies, pies and desserts are baked with butter, flour, cream, sugar, fruit and premium cocoas, spices and extracts. I strive to make each sweet treat distinct with extra special touches and by making each creation not only taste heavenly but look adorable as well. I happily customize each dessert order according to your sweet indulgent desires. The Naughty Tarte desserts are available by order and are served at the Rose & Crown in Heritage Square, downtown Phoenix.

Wendy Sabelman 

     My adventures in baking began at a young age in my mom’s kitchen where cake mixes did not exist. Growing up in rural NM meant complete unavailability of restaurants or even local grocery stores. Fulfilling your food cravings meant making it yourself with the ingredients on hand. Not letting those challenges hold me back, I baked and cooked often to satisfy my taste buds and feed my family. At age 8, I was baking birthday cakes and experimenting with decorating ideas that sometimes did not work out. If only I had had access to the tools available today! Recapturing the enthusiasm and creativity of my youth is the goal today. The idea of The Naughty Tarte and owning my own bakery was dreamed up several years ago while attending Scottsdale Culinary Institute and dreaming of creating fresh baked goods every morning. Now I am working on making that dream a reality one cup of a sugar at a time!